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Are you looking for a source to adopt a pet? If so, Puppy Kisses Ranch is the best place to get your favorite puppies. Pets make people happy and that is just the fact of the matter. We would be very happy to help you choose a happy healthy puppy who can become great a companion for your family.

We are specialized in small non-shedding breeds of puppies. We raise Pure breed and Hybrid puppies.

Why Puppy Kisses Ranch?

We work constantly to enhance life and health of puppies. We will do all we can to educate you, as new pet owners, as to how to continue to train and nurture a well balanced puppy. We are available to answer questions by phone call or email, to help you make the right choices. What you do has the biggest impact on the puppy as they grow to adults. We want families that will assume that responsibility of dog ownership.